When we walk along a beach with the
Salty wind blowing in our faces,
Children running and laughing gleefully,
And the sound of gulls squawking to each
Other in the clear sky-blue background,
We care less about the foundation we are
Standing on. Sand. Mahogany, Yellow, and
Orange shimmering in the sun like gem-
Stones planted ever so carefully in the ground.
We batter, toss, stamp and trash you, but
There are no complaints. You’re silent, like
The foggiest day in winter. When we go to
The beach or look at movies we mostly notice
The ocean. But what can it do? We can’t drink
Its water, and it’s violent to our boats.
It’s just a big pool of polluted water
That does nothing. You are what holds us up.
I use you to cool me down on hot, sticky days
When the weather is unbearable. At the young
Age of eight, I built towers that reached to the
Sky to show off your elegance and glamour. Sure,
The ocean sparkles, but sand glistens.

by Nyasha, 7th grade

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